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What we do


 For you, our proven reliability means that you never have to worry about the quality of our products or processes. Our focus is on providing perfectly produced products 100% of the time while delivering superior customer service

Big Data Driven

  At Starcom our data-driven, customer-centric solutions are customized to provide OEMs with strategic component lifecycle plans and process management that meet demanding inventory and supply chain needs. 

The Mission

  Our team is committed to providing superior service to every customer. We  maintain mutually beneficial relationships with all of our customers no matter how large or small. We will utilize all resources and what is necessary to get the job done and get it done right. 

Consulting Services

IT Design and Instal Reverse Engineering Re Production

It's an exciting time when the standards of obsolescence are reflowed with the reproduction of any item needed and managed in a timely manner  with reverse engineering and production. 

In IT Intelligence matters. We partnered with the brightest minds in the world to re design rework and intal state of the art technologies.  

Kodiak Design and Engineering

In 2019 with our partners are Kodiak DE we are taking on the often overlooked are for our customers with intelligent incorporated knowledge of  crystals, oscillators as well as ecology, natural materials, construction and technology into our scope of consultative services.

Permeable Systems

In reference to Ecology and nature's natural systems we work with cost effect sustainable methods that keeps vegetation alive in areas of drought conditions or rework over watered areas with high tech analysis of irrigation.  Changing the unsustainable to sustainable. Sustainable systems such as  soil retaining structures and hydroponic intelligence.  

Starcom Difference


Aptitude, people, systems and processes dedicated to you with an experienced staff, unparalleled expertise, data-driven solutions with a true footprint that spans the globe.  At Starcom Global Intelligence Matters.